Baud Therapy

Baud Therapy

The BAUD, or Bio Acoustical Utilization Device, is a new and powerful neurotherapy tool for personal change.  The BAUD is a hand-held device with a unique technology based on the latest discoveries of neuroscience.  By simply listening to special sound frequencies through the BAUD earphones that are commonc to brain frequencies, you can actually affect the function of neural activity deep within the brain.  The BAUD's intermixed sound frequencies and wave forms help to stimulate natural brain plasticity which result in powerful shift and release of energy driving external problems.  This same technology has been used in neurofeedback by doctors to treat serious disorders like depression, phobias, substance abuse, OCD, ADHD and management of chronic pain.


BAUD Device Shows Promise for
Chronic Pain

Olathe, Kansas, April 18, 2016 - - A unique type of neurotherapy device is producing fast and significant relief from chronic pain, even when it is unresponsive to traditional treatment.  Nerve pain, phantom pain, complex regional pain syndrome and pain of all types have responded to this unique therapy. The BAUD, or Bioacoustical Utilization Device  works by targeted acoustical stimulation of pain circuits to stimulate neuroplasticity and relieve the central sensitization that perpetuates chronic pain.

A Veteran of the war in Iraq recounts his personal story:

 "In 2005 I was hit by an IED (roadside bomb) in Iraq, I was clinically dead for 6 minutes. The shrapnel ripped through my upper left chest quadrant and opened my stomach. This cut the brachial plexus set of nerves eliminating the ulnar and medial nerves and thus my flexor muscles. The burning sensation pain however remained for the next 5 years until I used the BAUD. I used the BAUD just three times within one week 6 years ago and the pain was totally gone and has never returned."   — Jeremy Lee  Ph.D, A.B.D

Read  3 BAUD case studies published in a recent issue of the teaching journal,

Practical Pain Management

  "For the millions of patients who suffer from chronic pain,
pioneering research is driving the development of
new treatments focused on brain plasticity..."

New Technique Shows Promise as Adjunct In
Chronic PainManagement

The Bio-Acoustical Utilization Device (BAUD), a biofeedback
device, has  shown promise in the management of patients
with central sensitization.

John E. Garzione, PT, DPT, DAAPM
and L. Richard Bruursema

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fMRI Imaging Shows How BAUD Affects the Brain

The BAUD was invented by Dr. Frank Lawlis, a noted medical psychologist and author of 16 books (read more here). It produces a patented acoustical neurostimulation that enhances brain plasticity and inhibits the reconsolidation of sensitized neural circuits in the limbic system. BAUD has been used by health professionals in 16 countries in more than 400,000 clinical applications, with a high degree of success with chronic pain. Brain imaging with the BAUD (both fMRI and LORETA) has confirmed positive effects in key brain areas that have long been associated with pain, including the amygdala, insular cortex, and cingulate cortex. Studies are ongoing in this area.

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Therapists worldwide have found the BAUD uniquely easy to learn, and it was designed to be used without an EEG. It is FDA-cleared, and does not require specialized technical training. The basic protocol can be mastered within a few minutes and we provide free phone support for as long as you need it.  Neurotherapists, psychologists, doctors, psychiatrists, physical therapists and chiropractors have all discovered the BAUD to be an effective and useful therapy tool to integrate into their current practice.


"I have been using the BAUD for 5 years now.  It is my go-to modality for quick relief with a variety of issues, which have included plantar faciitis, shoulder, back, knee and abdominal pain."
— Dr. Cherylee Lisonbee, Chiropractic Physician & Neurotherapist, Pinedale, Arizona

"I had a client today with pain 10/10 in L TMJ who I had treated in the past and pain has returned again. I treated her w/ the  the end of treatment one visit pain was down to 2/10. Also treating a client that was in a MVA 6 months prior.  I used the BAUD on her second visit and she had immediate relief from her headache for the first time in months."
— Linda Craig, Physical Therapist, Puyallup, WA

"I have had success with the BAUD ... it was effective  for a woman who suffered from severe headaches. After the first session the pain became non-existant. It returned about 1 month later but softer.  We did another session and so far (about 6 months later) no more headaches emerged."
—Dr. Catarina de Castro, Directora Clínica de Psicologia na White, Portugal

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Health professionals who purchase a BAUD receive a 30-day trial period to evaluate results, along with unlimited phone, Skype or email support.  The BAUD is easy to apply and comes with a comprehensive manual. Most therapists master the basic protocol in just a few minutes.  If you do not get the results
you are looking for, contact us and we will have a trained support person work with you. If you still
do not see results, simply return the BAUD for a full refund. You have nothing to lose, and your
clients have everything to gain.

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