Are YOU struggling with an addiction that is destroying your family?



Have YOU tried to beat it on your own but have not been able to?

Addictions are the excess use and dependency of/on anything including food, sex, alcohol, smoking, caffeine, sugar, shopping, chocolate, drugs... Why do we become addicted? Many addictions have their roots in painful childhood experiences. According to a study undertaken by the National Academy of Sciences, children are more likely to end up addicted to something if they are physically abused, humiliated, or lied to, and if their parents are themselves substance abusers. For example, alcoholism is four to five times more prevalent among the biological children of alcoholics than among those with nonalcoholic parents. New research suggests that we may well be hardwired for addiction from a very tender age. Are you addicted?



1. Do you feel that you just don't want to stop indulging in a
particular substance -- caffeine, sugar, tobacco, alcohol, drugs,
sex -- right now, although you could at any time?

2. Have you ever tried to stop for a week but been unable to do so?

3. Do you resent the advice of others who express concern about your
substance use?

4. Have you ever tried to control your addiction by switching to an
alternative addictive substance? For instance, have you ever taken up
smoking so that you could give up drinking?

5. Do you envy people who can indulge without getting into trouble?

6. Has your substance use created problems with friends and family?

7. Do you try to avoid family or friends when you're using your

8. Have you lost relationships because of substance abuse?

9. Are your friendships determined by whether others indulge in the
same substances as you?

10. Do you indulge in your substance alone?

11. Have you ever neglected your family or work for more than two
days in a row due to substance abuse?

12. When substances are limited or unavailable at social events, do
you try to obtain some anyway?

13. Have you missed time from work during the past year due to
substance use?

14. Has your substance of choice stopped being fun to use?

15. When you are low on your substance, do you feel anxious or
worried about how to get more?

16. Do you plan your life around your substance use?

17. Do you ever consume more of your particular substance than you
intend to?

18. Are you consuming more than you used to in order to feel the same

19. Do you consume as much as you can and feel reluctant to discard
any leftovers?

20. Are you experiencing financial difficulty due to substance use?

21. Do you use your substance when you are disappointed, depressed,
or going through a difficult time?

22. Does your substance use affect your sleep?

23. Has your sexual ability or desire suffered from your substance

24. Are you concerned that if you stop using, you will lack energy,
motivation, confidence, or the ability to relax?

25. Do you use your substance repeatedly to sleep or stay awake?

26. Do you ever lie to others about how much or how often you consume
your particular substance?

27. Have you ever stolen money or goods to support your habit?

28. Have you lost a job because of substance use?

29. Do you ever regret the way you behaved while you were on a
substance-use high?

30. Do you experience irritability, headaches, or tremors when you
have not consumed your particular substance for a while?

31. Have you ever passed out from substance use?

32. Have you ever felt your life would be more productive if you were
not indulging in that particular substance?

33. Have you become more irritable and difficult to get along with?

34. Is your pattern of use potentially dangerous? (This can be true
even in cases where substance consumption is neither frequent nor

35. Do you lack self-control in deciding whether or not to consume
your particular substance?

36. Is your habit putting you into a state of poor health?

37. Is your substance abuse dangerous to others? (Via secondhand
smoke, drunk driving, using up family resources, et cetera?)

How many questions did you answer yes to? Deep down inside, if you
are being honest with yourself, you know if you have a substance-
abuse problem or are on your way to one. Do something about it now,
while you can.

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